Wind Mitigation Inspections

Call Inspection Xpress for a Wind Mitigation Inspection. SAVE “hundreds” and sometimes “thousands” of dollars just by having a Wind Mitigation Inspector complete a Wind Mitigation Inspection for your home. As soon as our Wind Mitigation Inspections are completed the report is emailed to the customer as well as the Insurance Agent before the Wind Mitigation Inspector leaves the property. No other company can offer that!!
Wind Mitigation Inspections may qualify a property for discounts on Windstorm Insurance. These discounts reward those who have wind resistance features on their property that decrease the amount of damage that may occur during a Windstorm. Less Windstorm damage equals fewer costs toInsurance companies. These savings are passed on to the Homeowner in the form of Wind Mitigation discounts.

What features are inspected during a Wind Mitigation Inspection? 
Typical Construction Features that Reduce Wind Damage and Loss.
Windstorm Inspections often offer the customer insurance discounts as wind resistant features of the property are generally well addressed as the result of a thorough Windstorm Inspection. These features include concrete block construction, gable end bracing, a hip roof, the presence of a single or double roof straps, the type of roof covering, impact resistant glass, reinforced garage doors, window shutters, the presence of a secondary water resistance barrier, property opening protection and property topography.  The insurance company will be able to calculate the amount of a discount and/or refund as the result of a certified Wind Mitigation Inspection. Generally, Homeowners save between 10% - 40% on their insurance within the first year following a Wind Mitigation Inspection. 
Why do I need protection against Windstorms? 
A home may sustain severe damage during a Windstorm.
When strong winds assault a home, a number of forces
come into play that will simultaneously create uplifting,
shearing and lateral forces that cause massive destruction
to a home. Often a Windstorm will also destroy windows
and doors, allowing water to seep into the property and
cause mold to grow or worse to the interior of a home.
The high winds associated with Windstorms can also blow
debris onto and into the home, further destroying the
property. Worst of all, in the event of a breach of the homes
outer shell, the high powered winds can cause the roof to
come up or even off as the combination of forces of Nature
wreak havoc on an unprotected structure. Installing wind-resistance features will help to protect your property and family from the damage of a Windstorm. Therefore, a Wind Mitigation Inspection can offer countless benefits to the wellbeing of your property and family.

What will the Wind Mitigation Inspector do during the inspection? 
During a Wind Mitigation Inspection, a Certified Windstorm Inspector will come to your property and look for key features that show that it will be less likely to be harmed or catastrophically damaged during a hurricane or strong Windstorm. This allows our Wind Mitigation Inspector to give your home a certificate stating that it is better equipped to endure such an event than a home lacking these features. Allowing you to pay much less for Homeowners Insurance coverage. Since properties that have been Inspected by a Windstorm Mitigation Inspector suffer less wind damage, the insurers are willing to lower their fees. If that were not enough, many states mandate that insurance companies reduce their rates for homes with Wind Mitigation Inspection certificates and features. So, with aWind Mitigation Inspection certificate in hand, you are guaranteed to pay less money per month than a Homeowner who has not invested in a Wind Mitigation Inspection. You may even qualify for a refund check from your insurer once you have had your home inspected by a Wind Mitigation Inspector.
Sample Wind Miitigation Inspection Report

4 Point Inspection

What is a 4 Point Inspection? 
After Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida in 1992, Insurance Companies in Florida have been attempting to encourage homeowners to make their homes safer and reduce the number and costs of insurance claims. Many of the Insurance companies and JUA (Joint Underwriting Associations) now request Four Point Inspections, which often include, but are not limited to:
  • Roof Inspection
  • Electrical Inspection
  • HVAC (Air Conditioning & Heating) Inspection
  • Plumbing Inspection
Inspection Xpress utilizes and adheres to the approved Citizens Insurance Inspection Form exclusively which has been adopted by every Insurance company in Florida to date. The Citizens Insurance Inspection form provides brief, direct responses to all the questions required to satisfy theInsurance industry today. The Citizens Insurance Inspection form is uniformly presented and precise to assist the Insurance brokers with expediting the process to completion. The approvedCitizens Insurance Inspection forms are available Inspection Xpress as a National Association Certified Home Inspector (NACHI).
Are there special forms used for Insurance Inspections, particularly 4 Point Inspections? 
Some insurance companies in Florida have forms that may be used for at least one of the 4 Points Insurance Inspection (Electrical). This particular form must include information regarding the age, type and certain elements of the electrical system, which may have high claim ratios. Inspection Xpress employs the use of the approved Citizens Insurance Inspection Form for all Four Inspection Points exclusively. This expedites the process as it requires the expertise of a Certified Home Inspector who can assess ALL four of the required Home Owners Insurance Inspections at one time. 

Who can perform the 4 Point Inspection and why can’t I fill out the paper work myself? 
The Association of Florida Insurance Companies prefer to use Qualified Insurance Inspectors to complete the 4 Point Inspection. We are able to provide a professional assessment of the Four Points (systems) that must be Inspected. Homeowners may not fill out the Four Point Inspectionform themselves. 

Is the Four Point Inspection absolutely required? 
There have been reports of hardships maintaining coverage and or acquiring new Insurance coverage in Florida due to the 4 Point Inspection. Some Insurance providers will not cover clients without the 4 Point Inspection. Coordinating all the Trade Professionals is costly. If all four trades had to be hired to conduct the 4 Point Insurance Inspection it would be expensive. We exclusively use the approvedCitizens Insurance Inspection Forms to satisfy the requirements of insurance companies quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. This allows us to offer the 4 Point Insurance Inspection at a reduced cost to you. 

I am buying a home in Florida. May I use the Four Point Inspection as a less expensive Pre Purchase Home Inspection? 
No. The 4 Point Inspection is not intended for use as a pre sale or pre purchase comprehensiveHome Inspection. Four Point Inspections are intended for your Insurance needs only. The 4 Point Inspection will not contain the type of information you may need to make an informed decision for your home purchase. If you require a 4 Point Insurance Inspection anywhere in Broward or Palm Beach Counties, or you have any questions that were not addressed on this page, please contact us and we will be glad to further assist you.
Citizens Insurance now requires Roof Certification Inspections or proof of roof replacement upon renewal for homes of certain ages.
John Kuczwanski of Citizens Insurance states, “The roof is a major source of protection when there are high winds. If a roof is allowed to deteriorate, the entire home and all its contents and even the people inside are vulnerable to storm damage. Insurance is not meant to pay for property damage that is due to normal deterioration or lack of upkeep.”
Proof of roof replacement or a Roof Condition Certification Inspection will be required for homes that are 25 years old and older if it has a shingle roof. Homes with tile or metal roofs 50 years old or older will also be required to have a professional Insurance Inspector complete the Citizens Insurance Roof Condition Certification form. If there is no written proof, such as a signed and approved building permit, Homeowners will be required to have a Roof Certification Inspection or their Insurance renewal may be denied.
Insurance Inspectors do not have any conflicts of interest, where as a roofer may. Some roofers may be tempted to require repairs, and then give an estimate. As Insurance Inspectors we do not do any repairs, customers know their Citizens Insurance Roof Inspection is completely unbiased and fair.
The Citizens Insurance Roof Certification form is different from the Wind Mitigation Inspectionform that is meant to lower a customer’s insurance rate. We strongly recommend that anyone having the Citizens Insurance Roof Inspection also have the Wind Mitigation Inspection if one has not been done recently.
In order to pass the Roof Certification, the roof must not leak, and must have at least 5 years of useful life remaining.
Sample 4 Point
Inspection Report

Roof Certification

Do I Need a Roof Cerification?
Your insurance company may require that you have your roof inspected by a qualified and/or licensed inspector. This is being requested because they would like to know when the last time your roof was replaced or repairs were made to your roof. They would also like to know what kind of condition the roof is in. If the roof is in poor condition they may choose to not write your insurance policy. They may also require it be upgraded or fixed before writing your insurance policy. Our inspectors use the approved form and take all the required photos to satisfy your insurance company.
  •  How old is the roof?  
  • What is the estimated life expectancy remaining on the roof?  
  • Are there any visible signs of damage or deterioration?